Stage avec Tom Sotis

Tom Sotis, expert à l'arme blanche et entraîneur des forces spéciales, sera à Utrecht le mardi 28 octobre de 19h à 22 h! Le prix du stage est de 35,00 € . UNIQUEMENT POUR MARRONS ET NOIRES!050817tomsotiskl
Bienvenu aux derniers inscrits au club: Mike,Irvin et Luigi!

Curriculum vitae de Tom Sotis!

Trainer of personnel and teams for:

  • United States Anti-Terrorism Task Force
  • United States Special Forces
  • United States Secret Service
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Internal Revenue Service / Criminal Investigation Division
  • New England Organized Crime / Drug Enforcement Task Force
  • Various State Police / SWAT / County Sheriffs and Defensive Tactics Instructors
  • Boston Municipal Police Academy
  • Correctional Institutes & Special Response Teams
  • RI Brotherhood of Correctional Officers
  • Mexican Prison Guards and Riot Control
  • New Zealand Prison Guards
  • Russian Spetsnaz and Ruby Beret units
  • Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Russian CID Homicide and Major Crimes
  • Russian Karat Executive Protection Academy
  • South African Special Forces
  • South African Police Service
  • South African Executive Protection Services
  • Spanish Police – Madrid

Notable Achievements

·     Founder of AMOK! (Combatives Training Company) operating in 16 countries

·     Order of Sikatuna Award presented by Philippine Armed Forces 2001

  • Only American ever adopted by the native Filipino Dogeaters Tribal Knifers 1996
  • Special Advisor to Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bashkortostan, Russia 1994
  • Honorary Member of the Crimson Berets – Russian Spetsnaz 1994
  • Chief Instructor at Russian CID - Homicide and Major Crimes 1994
  • Instructor at Karat – Russian State sponsored Executive Protection Training Academy 1994
  • Instructor/Guide of Firewalking (walking barefoot over red-hot coals) 1993
  • World Kickboxing Champion – World Professional Karate Organization, NY 1980

Documented Martial Achievements

  • Professor (Highest Level) of Qol Demama Daga (Filipino knife system) 2001
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2001
  • Mandala (Master Instructor) of Knifefighting – Philippine Grand Magesterium Award 2000
  • Master Instructor of the Year - United International Kung-fu Hall of Fame 2000
  • Fifth Degree Black Belt (Master) in Kenpo-Kobudo Karate 1999
  • Professor (Highest Level) of Pekiti-Tirsia Daga (Filipino knife system) 1996
  • Professor (Highest Level) of Dagaso-Tirsia Daga (Filipino knife system) 1996
  • Mata-as na Guro (Master) of Kali – Bacolod Negros Arnis-Kali Escrima Federation 1996
  • Guru (Instructor) of Pekiti-Trankadas-Echikete (Stick & Aldabon knife system) 1996
  • Kali training with Filipino WW2 veterans – Mambukal Mountain, Negros, Philippines 1996
  • Guru (Instructor) of Kali-Silat (Filipino-Indonesian Martial Art) 1994
  • Founded the International Blade Fighters Guild and AMOK! Combatives 1992
  • Sifu (Instructor) of Kuntao (Southern Chinese Kung-fu) 1985
  • Second Degree Black Belt – International Kenpo Karate Association 1983
  • First Degree Black Belt – Nick Cerio’s Kenpo 1983


·          Firearms: Shotgun, Rifle, Carbine, and Pistol

·          Security: Locksmith, Safe, Safe Deposit & Vault Technician

·          Imaging: Still, Digital, and Video

·          Aquatic: boating, sailing, canoe, kayak, raft, swimming

·          Sub-Aquatic: Free-diving/Hunting, Nitrox and Rescue Diver


Travel Experience

  • 23 countries and 30 of the United States.


Salutations de nos amis Guy et Hervé de Nicebadge du Lung Chuan Paï 01 kenpo karate, full et Lung Chuan PaÏ

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