Points de règlement pour le championnat du monde à Budapest(Hongrie)

Hi Gino,
The forms and point sparring rules are the same!
The self defence is a bit different (no slow motion demo, just the realistic speed!)
tere ara have to show self defence 4 different scene:
3 different one man attack: one punch, one kick, one grab
1 team attack (one man against minimum 2 max 4 attackers) 
The full-contact is different!
- bare knuckle (NO gloves!)
- onr round 5min
- 30 second groundfight is allowed (punches to the body area are allowed on the ground!)
- no punches to the head area
- kiks to the head area are allowed 
Please, read the rules!

PS: pour les détails, Mimi vous expliquera

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