Nouvelle invitation à Budapest 31 octobre et premier novembre!

Voici un émail reçu de Valer Papp! Juste après Las Vegas, ce sera Budapest!

Dear Friends & Fellows in arms,
I would like to inform and invite ALL of You for our next Hanshi Cup & Seminars. It is my pleasure to organize this tournament again year by year on higher level this is Your achievement as well and not only my and my team's work. I hope in this year we can surpass again the last year great events. I will do my best to fulfil all of your requirements and organize an unforgettable weekend for ALL of you in Budapest, Hungary. That is why I absolutely rely on the participation of your teams and also Your help in case of judgeing and teachning on the Seminars.
The date of the Tournament: Saturday, 31. Oktober
Place: Pestszentimrei Sportkastely (It is a brand new stadium in the suburb of Budapest)
The date of the Seminars : Sunday, 1. November
Place: Butokugan Sporttemplom (same place as last year)
The Tournament Announcement with rules, etc. I will send you later as far as because we will make some changes in the rules and than I also will be inform you about the hotel and transfer possibilities. Anyway all the latest news will be shown on the Hanshi Cup website: www.interbudo.com
In the meantime please send me some feedback about your possible participation and also if you are willing to teach on the Seminars.
Best regards,
Valér Papp 4th dan, Renshi
Hungarian Zen Bu Kan Kempo Federation

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