Toujours intéressé par Vegas!

Mon ami de l'USDA, Bruno (vlaams team) prépare lui aussi Las Vegas et voici son travail effectué de son côté!

Les personnes toujours disposées à se déplacer en octobre 2009, doivent s'accrocher et se faire connaître pour que le "smilblik" puisse avancer!

Tarifs trouvés par Bruno de l'USDA: 610 € pour le vol AR et 15 € la nuitée du 10 au 19 octobre 2009!



 Lundi j’ai rendez vous avec l’agence pour plus de détails

Bruno Charels


Autre stage, autre endroit!

Hi Kids....OK...the camp flyer and info is included on the
attachments....please print out the flyer and get them to all your
students and send the email on to all martial artists....also lets get
this on front page of all web sites and utube, facebook and anything else
you can think of...because of the difficulty getting sponsors/investors
the K.O.5.0 cage fight will not be held this year but will be on the
schedule for 2010....thanks to Kathy Little for the great job on the
flyer....the room rates at the Orleans are half from the Flamingo and they
told me that they expect the price to drop again and will pass that on to
us so please dont hesitate to book your rooms and register for the
camp....also there will be a test for all kids levels and the adult test
for brown and above as usual on the second evening....if you want to stay
in Vegas for the fouth of July the rates go up to $75.00 per night....we
have a very special guest instructor this year, Mr. Mills Crenshaw....he
is from the first class Mr. Parker taught in the US in Salt Lake City
Utah, and is the third person Mr. Parker promoted to black belt in the mid
1950s....this person is senior to all others in our Kenpo....OK...lets get
busy and have a great camp...look forward to seeing all of you in
Vegas....travel safe....js











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