Bonne fête des mères!

Avant tout, je tiens à féliciter toutes les mères qui fêteront ce jour, demain!

Et spécialement à ma femme Fatia qui le fêtera pour la première fois ainsi qu' à ma mère qui a eu 80 ans en janvier!

Ce 9 mai, Mimi, notre vétérante, combattait en boxe thaï à Baudour et a gagné son match! nous tenons à la féliciter pour sa performance! Elle sera de nouveau dans le feu de l'action au championnat du monde en Espagne! Il est presque impoli de dire son âge mais elle a eu 40 ans et en fait encore baver aux plus jeunes!

Maître Hans Hesselmanmichael manon hans d'utrecht a réitéré sa demande pour le premier meeting des maîtres de l'IKKA du 5 au 7 juin mais ce sont les elections en Belgique et nous y serons certainement vendredi et samedi!



June 5 - 7




You are kindly invited to be with us taking part in our first IKKA Black Belt Convention in Holland.

During these two days we will plan several meetings with each other as well as spent  some time on the mats in training.

We will stay at the Ibis-Hotel in Utrecht ( www.ibishotel.com) and have our meetings and trainings right across the road in the Convention Centre where we have place for up to 80 black belt instructors.




Friday June 5:        Informal get together at the Ibis Hotel Lounge -  20.00 – 23.00


Saturday June 6:   10.00 – 12.00           Meeting 

                                   12.00 – 13.00           Lunch

                                   13.00 – 15.00           Training       

                                   15.30 – 17.30           Meeting            

                                   18.00 -                       Buffet                       

                                   20.00 – 22.00           Meeting

We can make changes to more training and less meeting and v.v. to our convenience on that day..!



Sunday June 7:      10.00 – 12.00           Meeting

                                   12.00 – 13.00           Lunch

                                   13.00 – 15.00           Training

                                   15.00 -  17.00                      

Also on this day we can make any changes needed. 

After 15.00 hours we may still continue depending on how many are still there or have to leave for the airport / home.


Hotel: www.Ibishotel.com – you can make your reservations directly with the hotel. Room prices single/double Eu 98,- including breakfast.


We have prepared for the rent of the Convention Centre including meeting – and training area,  2 x lunch on Saturday and Sunday, 1 x buffet on Saturday, 7 x refreshments, tea, coffee for those days in one price package p.p. for Eu 95,-


We will have several hours for training with each other and so I am asking you if you are willing to give us an hour of your time to share some special knowledge you may have. If so mention me your subject. Later on we can decide who will actually do this as we do have limited hours.


During these 2 days I will speak out again about my ideas / formats / services of the IKKAlliance that I started to communicate to you at IKC 2006 in The Netherlands.

Also I need to know about your thoughts and creative ideas for the Alliance to be a Service Institute to all and will make an Agenda to put all those items on.

To all of you,

My Highest Regards

Always in support

Hans Hesselmann





1.       News on IKC -  2009 Las Vegas and participation of European countries.


2.       Launching the new IKKALLIANCE  website.


3.       Membership


4.       Grading & Certification


5.       Rules & Regulations.


6.       IKKA International European Camp – October 2010 – Belgium

2nd. IKKA Black Belt Convention. 2010


7.       IKKA – IKC – 2011 maybe in  the UK or Spain or Ireland 

3rd. IKKA Black belt Convention. 2011


8.       IKKA – IKC – 2012 – The Netherlands, preparations for this event have already started

4th. IKKA Black Belt Convention. 2012


Daniel Van Vlaelaer m'a fait parvenir 1 affiche:

stage à Ostende 2John Ward de Dublin(Irlande) me fait part d'un Championnat Irlandais le samedi 20 juin à Dublin!

Autre stage en juillet en Angleterre avec Kevin Mills!

Email d'Hans:

In july Michael, Nadine and myself will go the BKKU trainingcamp with Kevin Mills in England.
I think that Mario and Mimi are also coming over as well to that Camp.
In the weekend of Jun 5 - 7 we will have an IKKAlliance Convention in Utrecht of which I did sent you the information already,
Daniel VanVlaslaer is coming over as well.
Thank you for felicitations on my 7th. degree black belt. It was backed up by Gilbert Velez, Bob Lyles, Paul Dye, Edmund Parker, Kevin Mills and Larry Tatum.
I hope we see eachother soon again and I will think of you on our birthday May 14....!!!!!
Be happy and have my support as always.
Greetings to Fatia. Hans Hesselmann!
Toujours ce stage ce dimanche 10 mai avec Jason Bourely à Seraing!
Concert au foyer d'Eugies! Vous êtes les bienvenus!
concert annueloberbayern




MOTO GM CUSTOMassurances spiteri













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