Budapest fin octobre:rappel pour les personnes intéressées!

Invitation for International Events in Hungary Fall 2009.

Dear My Fellows in Arms,
I hope already everybody is back from a long relaxing Summer holiday and consieder that it is time to work and train hard agin. I would like to turn your attention our upcomming international events in Fall 2009.
1.) "The Kempo Event of the Year 2009 in Hungary"
14th Hanshi Cup & Seminars 2009.
Date: 31th Oktober - 1st November
Place: Budapest
www.interbudo.com - (soon updated)
2.) "The Grappling Event of the Year 2009 in Hungary"
1st Hungarian FILA-Grappling Open 2009.
Date: 21st November
Place: Budapest
www.grapplingsport.com - (soon will be operational)
See you ALL soon in Budapest.
Best regards,
Valer Papp
President of Hungarian ZBK Kempo Federation
Representative of FILA-Grappling Hungary

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