championnat WAKO à Amstelveen ( Pays-Bas) le 24 avril 2010!

Vous avez de nombreuses possibilités de compétitions et vous encourage à y participer pour forger votre mental et vos talents latents!

Voici un autre message reçu des Pays-Bas!

Dear WAKO and Kickboxing friends,


We have the pleasure to invite you to the Yokoso Dutch Open Tournament 2010.


As usual we have Semi & Light Contact, but this year we also added Musical Forms (with and without Weapons).

Multiple categories are possible and gives you a discount of € 5,-  for the additional catagory.


The tournament will take place Saturday April 24th  of 2010 in Amstelveen, The Netherlands (20 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam).

This event will be under WAKO rules.


We have included some hotels, but please keep in mind that due to holidays there are not many rooms available.

This time we also included some budget hotels in the centre of Amsterdam.


We hope to see you at our tournament. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email us.  

Check the website: www.wakonederland.nl or www.yokosodutchopen.nl and make a online registration.


Thanking you in advance.


 Best regards and see you in Holland.


Cari Amici Wako e Kickboxing,


Abbiamo il piacere di invitarvi al torneo  Yokoso Dutch Open 2010.

Il torneo sara’ Semi-contatto e Light-contatto (solo adulti per Light). Quest'anno abbiamo aggiunto anche Musical Forms (con e senza armi).


Questo accadra’  il Sabato 24 aprile 2010 ad Amstelveen, Olanda (a circa 10 - 20 min.  dal centro di Amsterdam).

L’ evento sara’ con il regolamento WAKO. 


Abbiamo incluso alcuni hotel , pero’ a non ci saranno molte camere disponibili.

Speriamo di vedervi al torneo.


Per ulteriori informazioni, si prega di e-mail o chiamare Raffaelle di Paolo : +393288612287

Visitare il sito web: www.wakonederland.nl o www.yokosodutchopen.nl ed effettuare una registrazione on-line.


Vi  ringraziamo .


Distinti saluti e arrivederci in Olanda.


For information:


Lexy     :              ß641372450                  (Karatedo Yokoso)

Gina    :              ß628837673                  (Wako Nederland)

Alex     :              ß628957411                  (Wako Nederland)

Raffa    :              ß3288612287                (Italian- Europcenter)


Gina Engelhardt


Secretary General

WAKO Nederland


P.O. Box 715

1180 AS Amstelveen

The Netherlands

Phone  : ß (0)20- 6404264


Pour avoir une idée des différentes disciplines martiales et de leur spécificité, cliquez sur le lien de notre fédération "la FBFAMSC "à droite dans les liens martiaux!

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