Message du grand maître Larry Tatum et de Patrick S.Kennedy!

On behalf of the LTKKA we would like to extend a warm welcome to all who are attending the world championships in Ireland this November 17th to 21st. This event will kick off with 2 days and nights of seminars with Kenpo teachers from around the world. Each teacher has been selected for their unique individual expertise in Kenpo. This will give everyone attending a chance to experience the multi faceted levels of Kenpo and meet todays Masters of Kenpo who will take you on a journey into the this Art we all love.
As the seminars comes to an end we all take a breath, then begins the tournament with opening ceremonies with each country being represented. As with all LTKKA events you will be part of history in the making as each country demonstrates their abilities in Sparing, Self Defense and Kata. I personally look forward to meeting old and new friends as we all extend our hands in Kenpo friendship and unity.
President LTKKA
Larry Tatum.

To all the following Kenpoist in United States. Ireland. Spain. United Kingdom. Canada. Portugal. Chile. Australia. Italy. Netherlands. Jersey. France. Iceland. Venezuela. Denmark .Belgium. Who are going to take part in the LTKKA Seminars/Championships in Dublin Ireland this November 17th to 21st Please be advised that a meeting will take place in the Green Isle Hotel on Thursday after noon at 17.00. Where you all will receive a folder with all the information you will need over the week, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help over the last year.
Patrick S Kennedy.
LTKKA Irish Chapter.



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