GMA Larry Tatum's intervieuw!

Je tiens à remercier nos amis de l'Irlande maître Pat kennedy et John Birch(cliquez sur le lien à droite, pour la promotion qu'ils ont fait sur ce séminaire)!

Ils seront  là pour m'apporter un soutien logistique et cela me va droit au coeur!

Ils ont traduit amicalement mes commentaires du français en anglais sans que je ne sois mis au courant et ont honoré , sur leur site, toutes les ceintures noires qui feront le déplacement à ces 2 jours de stage!

Ils ont fait une intervieuw avec maître Larry tatum le mois passé!

Vous pouvez la lire + bas mais en anglais! La traduction suivra bientôt!

Je vous souhaite à toutes et tous, de grands moment forts lors de ces séminaires et de vous faire de nouveaux vrais amis avec une panoplie de quelques champions et maîtres du kenpo karate mondial!

Menu du samedi 14 mai 2011 vers 19h30!

1) Apéritif

2)scampis ( à l'ail ou diavolo) ou carpaccio

3)lasagne ou escalope de veau


5)boissons à volonté

Interview with GM Tatum

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the LTKKA Irish Chapter, and to commemorate this special
event Grand Master Tatum flew in from LA especially for the occasion, and also to promote
Mr. John Birch and Mr. Dan Gilligan to the Rank of 9th Degree Black Belt (Master of the Arts)
These 2 men have promoted the art by Education, Training, Competing, and Teaching in their
community for over 37 years. What a way to celebrate the FIRST 10 years.

Although he had a very tight schedule, Grand Master Larry Tatum still found time to give the
following interview.

Question: Are you happy with your representatives in Ireland?

Answer: It’s an honour for me to be able to have so many wonderful people represent our
organization. The kenpo world is growing leaps and bounds every year, and it is because of
martial artists like Patrick, Vivion, Dan, John and Lauren that their efforts is one of the major
guiding force of continuously bringing kenpo to the forefront of the public.

Question: What’s your reason for the promotion of John & Dan to 9th Degree Black Belts?

Answer: John and Dan are the type of people that always wanted to put more into teaching
the art rather than taking from the art for themselves. It is this type of dedication and passion
that will allow kenpo to grow in a positive manner for another 37 years.

Question: What do you expect from the Instructors in your organization?

Answer:   The LTKKA is an organization that looks for instructors that want to set the student
first and foremost, and the instructors own needs second. Instructors like John & Dan place
the students on their shoulders so they can reach their goals. They not only lead but they

Question: What type of school should I take my child to?

Answer: When asked what type of school I should take my child to I would recommend a
school such as John & Dan’s that nurtures growth. Men like John & Dan do not demand
respect but have earned it as seen by the passion in the eyes of their students towards them.

Question: As the LTKKA is represented in 18 Countries, have you any plans to expand the
organization further?

Answer: It has come to my attention through my representatives that a large number of
kenpoist are interested in joining the LTKKA organization. The criteria that are laid down
from 1st degree to 10th degree are set out below. When new Kenpoist join the LTKKA they
must abide by the following criteria:

1st Degree Black Belt to 6th Degree Black Belt (20 years service as a Black Belt).

1st Degree – 2nd Degree (2 years Service)
2nd Degree – 3rd Degree (3 years Service)
3rd Degree – 4th Degree (4 years Service)
4th Degree – 5th Degree (5 years Service)
5th Degree – 6th Degree (6 years Service)
6th Degree – 9th Degree (Minimum 35 years Service)
10th Degree – (At the discretion of Grand Master Tatum)

Therefore each student, Black Belt and Master have bars set for them to reach, within
standards that represent the highest kenpo achievements, while at the same time promoting
individual progress.

Question: What has the organization to offer new members?

Answer: It’s an interactive organization in that it teaches the highest level of kenpo in all its
complexity to a logical level of understanding. Each student /school owner or other
association can join in with knowing that they will be part of a progressive organization that
promotes seminars, Local, European, and World Tournaments on a yearly basis.

Question: Are there any plans for the 2012 LTKKA World Championships?

Answer: A Final decision has not yet been made but the possibilities are Barbados, Spain,
or Portugal.

The organization is set up in a manner to where everyone can join in for the soul purpose of
learning the art without having to sacrifice their personal needs, their belief system and their
integrity. Each member is treated as an adult and is only asked to work within the bylaws set
forth that govern the ethical behavior of each member and that politics although prevalent in
any organization are dealt with in a manner that is respectful to each other.

Our soul mission is to spread the art throughout the world without asking or demanding a
student or instructor to be part of something he or she feels not only does not meet their
needs but compromises their convictions.

Each school is independently owned and operated within the association. Each school
owner is aware of two things,
(1) He or She is in the association for the soul purpose of learning not a position that will
allow a misuse or misguidance of authority. We are teacher’s not political referees.

(2) If you come to learn you are welcomed with open arms if you come to take or disrupt no
one will ask you to leave you just won’t progress within the association.

The LTKKA is now in 18 countries world wide with the common goal of interacting on a
global level with each other, although we speak different languages/culture we all speak
kenpo which has its own custom and culture.

Each country has its own board of directors within in the LTKKA. Each board of directors
confers with myself periodically to be apprised of upcoming promotions that are warranted
as well as any problems that may exist in their county that need to be addressed. From time
to time all Country Board of Directors will meet to discuss the continuing of kenpo karate.
The continuing is any body that needs all necessary parts to function as a whole and allows
progressive growth.

It is this Universal Law that has and is keeping the LTKKA growing year after year. Each
member is an integral part of this Kenpo continuing.

From me to you Cead Mile Failte

Mr. Larry G. Tatum
Grand Master LTKKA.


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