Championnat tout style à Dublin & stage à Rotterdam le 26 juin 2011!Stage aux caraïbes en juin 2012!

mr-gino-puzzo-of-belgium-048.jpgChampionnat tout style à Dublin!

On SUNDAY, June 26th 2011

The 15th “Irish Cup” will be held in Dublin`s National Basketball Arena, This is a multi – style event catering for Karate and Ju -Jitsu, but it is open to ALL STYLES of martial arts.

Grappling, Karate , Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu, Competitors can take part in : Katas, Individual and team events Sparring, Individual and team events,Weapons, And for the first time this year we have a Self Defence Section. The Ju -Jitsu events are the Randori and Duo sections.

All styles and systems are welcome, Please leave the politics at the door and have a great day.

For more information Contact: Professor John Ward at jward@wardkenpo.ie or 087 2527171


Stage à Rotterdam!

Dear kenpo warrior,



Kamau Sports is organizing for the 3rd time the Annual Outdoor Kenpotraining and BBQ.

You're invited to join us in training and to be our guest during the BBQ meal.


Date: Sunday 26th of june 2011

Time: 10.00 am, training starts at 10.30 am.

Place: Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam

You will be expected at the parking area, address is Lange Pad.


Like every year we have guest-instructors who are willing to give a training. This year we have

Hans Hesselmann, 7th degree black belt from Utrecht Holland &

Jeroen Hoevenaar, 1st degree black belt from Breda Holland.


Costs for the BBQ is € 10,00 a person from age 13 and up (partner and/or friends included). Training is free of charge.


A few tips:

- bring along a pair of comfortable sporting shoes. Training on bare feet is for your own risk!

- extra dry close and towl

- we will be training in kenpo gi, but if it's too hot you're allowed to wear a t-shirt

- swimming close if you would like to take swim after the training

- navigation or "tomtom" for route information

Please send a reply if you're planning on attending so we can arrange enough food for everybody.
Schoolowners; please give up the names and the amount of people you bring along to the outdoor training.
Email address is kenporotterdam@yahoo.com.
I'm looking forward to your reply!
See you on the 26th of juni in Kralingse Plas, Rotterdam - Holland.
Kind regards,

Ernst Blikslager 

2nd degree black belt - IKKA


Kamau Sports

School voor effectief zelfverweer



Tel. +31 (0)6 38 621 757Stage à Rotterdam avec Hans Hesselmann

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