In our school: NO POLITIC!

We'll be at the LTKKA championship!

We are IKKAlliance & LTKKA members!

In the past we were AKKS & EKKA members and never, I'll stop my students if their wishes were to participate at a seminary or championship!

I was proud when we were at AKKS & EKKA and to-day, I'm also happy to be at IKKA & LTKKA!

We work with masters Ed Parker Jr,Larry Tatum, Frank Soto,Hans Hesselmann,Jeff Speakman,Edward Downey, and many others !

The reason of this message:... I heart at Utrecht that IKKA doesn't welcome at LTKKA! It's false!

My goal in kenpo Karate is my students happies! So I know my way: "NO POLITIC IN OUR SCHOOL"

At all my brothers in kenpo around the world, have a good day...We'll be at Andorra this end of June and we hope to see all ours  brothers of all federation!

With respect!

PS: bonne fête des mères ce dimanche 13 mai 2012 & joyeux anniversaire maître Hans Hesselmann ce 14 mai!

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